About Us

Who are we?

ViP-PROTO is a team of engineers and technicians joined in the work on smaller projects related to digital and analog electronics, programming, mechanical engineering and other technical fields. It was informally created 1997 as a team of young enthusiasts.

The Association was formally registered in 2014 and is open to new members and ideas.

Why ?

The team members exchange practical ideas and knowledge, and move toward the implementation of small projects that are then presented on the site and in other activities of the Association. New members can join one of the initiated projects or begin the realization of their own ideas in collaboration with other members.

The aim of these activities is socializing, gaining professional experience, work on interesting projects, new friendships, gaining applicable knowledge, sharing the equipment and other resources, promotion...


Association of engineers and technicians VIP-PROTO is a non profit organization

Funds for realization of their goals are obtained from voluntary contributions and donations that can be paid to the dinar account of the Association:

  • Receiver Account: 160-405907-93
  • Receiver: Udruženje inženjera i tehničara ViP-PROTO, Pohorska 14/42, 11070 Novi Beograd
  • Purpose of payment: Dobrovoljna donacija